Why Aren't I Losing Belly Fat

March 27, 2015

How frustrating is it to stick to your diet, exercise everyday and still not lose belly fat? Enough to make most people quit their diet and reach for a donut.

So why aren't you burning through fat on your stomach? Should you be doing more crunches and ab exercises?

Body Fat Is Systemic

Everyone has problem areas and want to learn tips and tricks to target that specific area. For most people it's the belly, others it's the hips or thighs.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to target specific fat cells without surgery. Even when you're doing exercises that target your belly or the area you want to reduce fat, your body draws calories as a system.

You can't tell your body, I want to reduce belly fat during this workout. All you can do is burn calories and let your body dictate which fat stores are used first.

To lose fat from your midsection, you'll have to reduce overall body fat levels.

How To Influence Fat Loss

While some have struggled with their weight their entire lives, the process is not very complicated. It doesn't mean it's easy, it's just not rocket science.

Create a caloric deficit

Put simply, you have to consume fewer calories than your body requires to function and complete daily tasks.

Your body will need to find energy to get through the day. If those calories are not coming from food, then it will be forced to tap into body fat for energy.

Exercise to burn extra calories

You can put further strain on your daily caloric need through exercise. It accelerates the process as explained with a caloric deficit.

You're doing activities (exercise) that forces your body to utilize additional calories. If the calories to complete your exercise isn't coming from food, it will need to come from stored resources.

Genetics Matter

You should view genetics as a ceiling and not as a wall. Some people do have legitimate issues with their metabolism and the way accumulate fat. But most people will not fall into this category.

Your genetics will determine how fast you burn through calories (metabolism) and from which areas the fat is stripped away first. If you're in a caloric deficit and exercising, you're body and genetics will determine which fat stores are used first and which last.

For some the "problem areas", like the belly and hips are often near the end of the line in terms of fat usage. Your stubborn fat areas, are exactly that.

Stubborn, and last to be used.

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