Supplements To Help Build More Muscle

June 13, 2015

supplements to build more muscle

There is a clear, well defined path to building new muscle and it's pretty simple. Eat, workout, and sleep. But can you speed up the process and use supplements to help build more muscle?

With thousands of products on the market it can feel overwhelming when choosing what to put in your cabinet. Here's a list of proven, and effective supplements for building new muscle.

Whey Protein

Protein is needed, not just to build new muscle, it's also needed to repair existing muscle that becomes damaged during strenuous exercise. Depending on your current body weight, or your muscle mass goals, it becomes essential to get the necessary protein in your system throughout the day.

Eating large amounts of protein from solid food can become challenging if you aren't used to eating big meals. This is part of the reason protein shakes have gained such popularity. Both as a post-workout muscle recovery aid as well as meal supplementation.

How to use: Take a high protein shake within 20 minutes after your workout session to help with muscle recovery. You can also use the protein mix as a meal substitute by blending in your favorite fruit.


Creatine has become a main staple among performance athletes for one simple reason: It works. It can be used as a muscle builder and has also proven to increase the endurance of athletes like sprinters. Creatine is also widely accepted and allowed by the major sports governing bodies.

What you can expect: After the loading phase of creatine you can expect an almost immediate increase in all your major lifts. For example if you were benching 225 pounds for 8 reps before creatine, you could expect to reach a performance boost of 1-3 reps.

Although creatine seems like the magic bullet, when it comes to muscle building and physical performance, it's important to remember that once you stop using creatine your strength and endurance are likely to return to pre-creatine use.

How to use: There is a loading phase, where you will need to consume 20 grams of creatine per day for the first week. After the initial loading phase you would then use 3-5 grams per day.

Also: Foods that boost your metabolism


Branched Chain Amino Acids can help stimulate muscle synthesis (new growth), and reduce catabolism (muscle breakdown). The leaner you become the more your body will try to hold on to the fat it has left during exercise. When catabolic your body will begin to breakdown lean muscle tissue to utilize as energy.

That's where BCAAs come in handy. They promote muscle growth and play a role in preventing, or at least slowing, the rate your muscle mass is broken down and used as energy.

How to use: Choose free-form BCAAs and take with water or in a shake 20-30 minutes before exercise.


If you're an early morning lifter, the use of a pre-workout shake can give you the kick start you need to really push yourself during your exercise routines. You may think you're doing just fine with a cup of coffee before working out, but there are additional benefits in a good pre-workout.

Many will include fast absorbing amino acids, creatine, and yohimbe. Mix those in with a shot of caffeine and you'll be bouncing off the walls ready to move heavy stuff.

How To Use: Mix the pre-workout with water about 20-30 minutes before your workout.

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