Is Crossfit Hard To Do?

July 3, 2015

is crossfit hard to do

Crossfit makes you want to be a kid again. Watching people swing on the pullup bar, jumping and running around on the gym mat makes you want to get up and do stuff.

But is Crossfit hard to do, and should you give it a try?

You're Watching Professionals

Crossfit looks like fun doesn't it? If you've watched a competitive event like the Crossfit Games on youtube or ESPN, it can actually look easy. Trust me it's not.

The more realistic you are when first starting Crossfit, the more you'll enjoy it. Those ripped athletes you see in the Crossfit games are professional athletes.

It isn't just a hobby for them. They live and breathe this stuff, often exercising up to six times per week.

So don't go in trying to be a Crossfit professional. You might be disappointed with the experience, or worse get hurt from pushing yourself too hard the first time out.

Who Should Try Crossfit

If you have any type of competitive background in sports, or if you're just a competitive person you're likely to love crossfit. That's because every workout is built on the principle of getting better.

Every day you try to beat, not just the people around you, but your personal best.

The people who often thrive in Crossfit usually have a background in:

Crossfit inspiration:

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Who Might Not Like Crossfit

Crossfit isn't a new sport, and has actually been around long enough for some to be considered "old school". But crossfit isn't for everyone, and there's usually a select group of people that will have a very strong "hate" for it.

You Like To Workout Alone

If you join a Crossfit gym, which most will need to do to have access to all the various equipment, you'll quickly learn that Crossfit is done in groups. The goal is to push each other, and let the competetive nature of the exercises push you to new limits.

Can you do Crossfit workouts alone? Absolutely, but only if you have a home gym with all the equipment allowing you to workout at your own preferred pace. Walking into a crossfit gym and asking to be left alone, won't go over too well.

Pre-existing Injuries

If you have any kind of injury, Crossfit will give you problems. The workouts are so varied, that you can't really hide from a joint or muscle problem for very long.

You can make it through a single workout to compensate for a bad knee, wrist or joint giving you problems but there's a new workout designed for each day. Trying to tailor each workout of the day (WOD) to avoid a nagging injury will start to wear on your interest in continuing.

Prefer Non-competitive workouts

Crossfit is just a competetive activity. You're either trying to beat the person next to you, or trying to best your reps or pounds on a personal record. The goal each time you step on the mat is to improve, and do better than the last time.

That mindset isn't for everyone. Some people just want to break a sweat, burn some calories, leave the gym and get on with their day.

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Beginner Crossfit Routine

If you want to try a beginner Crossfit routine, I would always suggest you start with Cindy. All you need is a pull-up bar to do some pull-ups (one of the core Crossfit exercises).

You set a timer for 20 minutes and try to do as many rounds of the following set:

You complete the exercises consecutively, and when you finish all three exercises that equals one round. You're trying to complete as many rounds as possible in twenty minutes.

Just go at your own pace, and rest when needed. Rest between rounds or between each exercise as needed.

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