How To Build More Muscle Mass

March 31, 2015

If your primary goal is to add lean muscle mass, you'll need to structure your diet and workout program to achieve that specific goal.

To consistently add muscle you'll need to put down the light dumbbells, learn to love a barbell and start eating like one of the big boys.

Use Compound Movements

When trying to add new muscle you'll want to focus on compound movements involving the largest muscle groups. There are shaping exercises that help with definition and then there are raw mass builders.

You'll want to put in work with a barbell doing pressing and pulling movements for your upper body and squats for your lower body.

Core Mass Building Exercises

You'll want to stay in the 8-10 rep range. A lower rep range will increase strength but not stimulate the muscle enough to grow.

Eat To Grow

Surprisingly, one of the major stumbling blocks when trying to add mass is simply not eating enough. The concept seems simple and straight forward. If you want to get bigger you have to eat bigger. Right?

Still, people underestimate the number of calories they would have to add to their routine just to add one pound of new muscle. You need to eat in excess of 500 calories over your maintenance calorie range to grow consistently.

You can't just up your calories one day a week, and expect to grow. You'll have to add an extra 500-800 calories every day for weeks and months to continue adding good muscle mass.

Get Some Sleep

Pushing heavy weights around is addicting. You get a massive pump, feel huge and strong but that isn't when you grow. Your muscles are actually damaged during strenuous activities.

It's then repaired while you sleep adding new muscle tissue as needed. If you're serious about adding some muscle to your frame you'll need to place greater emphasis on getting a good night's sleep.

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3 week diet reviews
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