Hidden Calories Making You Fat

June 16, 2015

hidden calories

When you're trying to reduce your daily calories most try to make big changes to the meal portions to lose some weight. Some will even choose to remove an entire meal, skipping breakfast or dinner.

You can actually achieve the same results as removing an entire meal, just by eliminating certain calorie sources that turn a healthy meal into a fat builder.

Here's a list of some sneaky calories that you can remove from meals to get big results on your next diet.

Coffee Creamer

Calories: 25 per tsp.

Coffee's become an acceptable form of our morning culture. Wake up and head straight for the coffee. While there are proven benefits to drinking coffee everyday, there's a line many cross turning this into a bad diet habit.

Coffee gives you energy, and boosts your metabolism but it can also be the problem with your morning routine if you're flooding your coffee with creamer. You may prefer heavy amounts of creamer, but there's a cumulative effect.

One or two servings per cup of coffee, multiplied by three cups per day and the problem becomes glaring. This bad creamer habit alone can increase your daily calories by 200 every morning.


Calories: 100 per slice (American cheese)

Everything tastes better with cheese. From sandwiches, to salads, and even certain kinds of meat. The problem is the calorie density with cheese.

You're not getting a lot of food for the calories it provides. That means you typically need to add two or three servings to get the right amount of cheese in your dish.

The next time you opt for take out, ordering your food without cheese can easily save you 200-300 calories.

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Calories: 95 per tbsp

Some people absolutely love this stuff. Others not so much. If you're a mayo person, take a second to look at the calorie content on the nutrition label and do some quick calculations.

How much do you think you spread on your last sandwich? One serving? Two? This pure fat topping can add as much as 500 calories per day if you use it with multiple meals.

Try reducing the amount you use by half, and not only will you lose a few pounds you won't even miss that extra serving.


Calories: 95 per tbsp

Butter is one of those habits passed down at the dinner table. Either your parents put it on everything from toast, muffins, meat, and eggs or it wasn't even on the table. This is truly habit forming, something you will instinctively reach for. Muffins? Where's the butter?

If you take a more objective view of this eating habit it's really hard to justify. A ton of fat and calories without much benefit.

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Salad Dressing

Calories: 200 per serving

This sneaky topping is a diet destroyer. You're honestly trying to eat healthy. You have your salad in front of you with your favorite vegetables, and then everything goes south. There's so many calories in salad dressing, and you're often required to use two or three servings to cover your entire salad.

If you use a lot of salad dressing, there will be enough calories on your plate to equal a cheeseburger. Can you believe that? You're skipping the excessive calories in a cheeseburger so you can eat a salad with excessive calories. It's madness.


Calories: 110 per cup (orange juice)

Just say the word "juice" around a bunch of five year olds and watch their eyes light up. It's as sweet as soda and has the same results. You may tell yourself you're getting very important vitamins from your juice, and to an extent this is true.

The reality is there is a lot of sugar in juice and no fiber. That means it will be digested incredibly fast and play havoc with the hormones responsible for weight management.

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