Are Carbs Making You Fat?

June 8, 2015

Do carbs make you fat

If you're trying to lose a few pounds it would be so much easier if you could pin point the exact problem with your diet. A lot of people want the elimination of carbs to be the problem, so they'll have an easy path to success.

Just get rid of the carbs. Right?

As with most things in life, it's just not that simple. Are carbs making you fat? Maybe, and maybe not.

Are Carbohydrates The Problem?

Are carbs the source of obesity, and is this the problem most people are struggling to overcome? The honest answer to that question is: Not exactly.

Yes, studies are beginning to show that certain carbohydrates are playing a much larger role in fat accumulation than previously expected. But it's important not to make the same mistake many people made when it was believed fat in food was the problem.

Over the last thirty years or so, fat in food has been demonized and labelled as the source of obesity. It created a low fat craze and marketing boom catering to those who wished to eliminate as much fat as possible.

But the obesity rate continued to rise even as people ate lower fat diets. That's because not all fat was bad, and there are some fats that are actually good for you.

That seems to be the same path carbs are on right now. It's becoming generally accepted that carbs in your diet are the source of weight gain and the obesity rate. Like with fats in food, not all carbs are bad for you and some are very helpful.

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Good Carbs

Carbohydrates provide your body's preferred fuel source. You need energy not just for exercise but also for walking, breathing, and brain function.

Despite the growing fear that carbs are causing obesity, there are healthy sources of carbs that can boost your metabolism, and do not contribute heavily to weight gain when eaten in moderation.

Healthy Slow Digesting Carbs:

Bad Carbs

The bad carbs will generally be processed, cooked with white flour, or have excessive amounts of sugar. Another tell tale sign of a carb you should limit is if it's doesn't have a fiber source listed with the nutritional information.

All the foods listed above have the common trait of digesting incredibly fast, which has a direct influence on your insulin levels. When insulin is high, it increases the fat storage process which results in excessive weight gain.

Here's some food to limit:

Are No Carb Diets The Solution


An overwhelming pro with low carb diets is that it works incredibly well. When you remove a major energy source from the menu for an extended period of time, your body adjusts exactly as you would hope.

It's great if you've always been a meat eater, but tried to hold back or reduce the quantity on other diets you've tried. For the first few weeks you'll feel like you're in heaven eating all the steak, eggs, and bacon in sight.


The most obvious problem with low carb diets is the discipline involved. You have to eliminate a staple of what most people consider normal. This includes bread, fruit, grains, and most foods that have sugar in them.

The first few days are not very difficult, especially if your meals are well planned, but as you get further into the diet you will "miss" eating bread and other carbs.

It's also common to feel low on energy some days if you're not eating enough fat with your meals to give you a reliable fuel source your body requires.

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