3 Week Diet Manuals

March 28, 2015

The 3 week diet program includes manuals for an introduction, diet, exercise and motivation.

Below is a quick review of what you'll find inside each of the manuals.

Introduction Manual

The introduction manual gives an overview of the basic 3 week diet philosophy before getting into the specific plans.

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Diet Manual

The diet manual is the core element of the weight loss program showing you which foods to eat and which will halt all progress.

You're also given specific plans on how to time your meals, boost your metabolism, and burn fat as effectively as possible.

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Exercise Manual

This isn't an intense cardio program, where you'll be asked to run on a treadmill for hours on end.

Each workout is tailored to target your metabolism by mobilizing the largest muscle groups on your body.

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Motivation and Mindset Manual

A common, but often overlooked problem with most diet programs is the loss of motivation after the first few days.

You're given problem solving ideas to cope with waning willpower, and other issues that may derail your progress

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Step by step review of the 3 week diet

Try The 3 Week Diet Program

It's a 21 day, well structured, diet program giving you all the tips and short-cuts you're going to need to complete each of the diet phases.

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