3 Week Diet Does It Work?

May 27, 2015

Does the 3 week diet work?

The diet follows three primary concepts that have each proven to help dieters lose weight in a short amount of time. It involves calorie restriction, specific exercises to boost your metabolism, and a special cleanse.

When you follow the diet, yes, you're going to lose weight. The real question then becomes, "Is this program right for you".

Here's a basic explanation of how the 3 week diet works:

Short-Term Fasting

Fasting is a scary word. Everyone has a preconceived notion of what fasting entails, and it's never good. Intermittent Fasting (IM), isn't an extreme fast.

So if you're envisioning Gandhi like starvation, bed ridden, and near death -- that's not what this is.

This is short term fasting (12-16 hours), each day. That includes 8 hours of your sleep cycle. So you're really just trying to avoid solid food for four hours each day. Not that hard to do.

Studies have shown an increase of natural growth hormone, during these short fasting periods. But the most beneficial aspect of short term fasting is:

A) Structure. You have a very well defined eating period. You know exactly, to the minute, when you're allowed to eat and when you shouldn't. This addresses what most people struggle with, discipline. Often, just knowing it's not "time to eat" is enough to maintain diet discipline.

B) Your meals are going to be huge. If you fast for a good portion of the day, that means you compress the available time to actually eat. So instead of spreading your calories over 16 hours, you will consume your meals over 8 hours.

To get your daily calories in you'll have to eat bigger meals. This leaves you more satisfied, and feeling full longer.

The program provides specific advice and tips to help make your short fasting periods seem effortless.

Exercises For Your Metabolism

This is the main deviation from most diet programs. There's often a primary focus on cardio, cardio, cardio. Got to get that cardio in.

While these types of workouts are beneficial, and they do burn through calories they're just not the most efficient way to burn calories.

Your metabolism, and hormones are capable of churning through more calories than you'd be willing to burn through exercise. For most people running on a treadmill for 20-30 minutes is only going to burn 100-200 calories.

Most people just aren't super intense runners. They can't get a 400 calorie workout in 20 minutes. The intensity is too much. So to compensate the 3 week diet utilizes your metabolism and hormones to most of the work.

You're given a specific exercise routine designed to target your largest muscle groups through resistance training you can do at home. Why these exercises?

Because large muscle groups ignite your metabolism. It will help you burn calories for the entire day. Not just during your workout.

Cleanse & Detox

The other aspect of the diet is a short liver cleanse and detox. Most people don't realize how vital the liver is to fat storage, metabolism and overall health. Cleansing your liver is like a reboot for your metabolism.

It will help you burn calories more efficiently, and give you more energy for your daily tasks.

Try The 3 Week Diet Program

It's a 21 day, well structured, diet program giving you all the tips and short-cuts you're going to need to complete each of the diet phases.

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3 week diet reviews
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