3 Week Diet Cleanse - How it works

June 4, 2015

3 week diet cleanse

The 3 week diet cleanse involves a junk food detox, while supplying your body with vitamins and minerals through solid food.

Why A Liver Cleanse?

The primary beneficiary of the cleanse in phase one of the 3 week diet is going to be your liver. Most underestimate, or just don't realize, how vital the liver is in fat mobilization and overall health.

Processed food, and unhealthy eating, can take it's toll on your liver through excess toxins in your system. When the liver isn't processing the food you eat optimally, it can make you lethargic and have a negative impact on your metabolism.

Think of your liver as the calorie burning engine. We're going to get it firing on all cylinders so you can optimize your metabolism and burn through as many calories as possible each day.

This Isn't A Juice Cleanse

There isn't a single, all inclusive, cleanse that is standard procedure. There are dozens of cleanse variations with the most common being a juice cleanse.

What is a juice cleanse?

For a set period of time, usually 1-3 weeks, you would only consume freshly juiced fruits and vegetables. No solid food, just the juice.

While some people do experience increased energy after the cleanse, they feel better, and have lost some weight there are drawbacks to a juice cleanse.

It's hard to do. It takes a tremendous amount of willpower to avoid all food and only drink your magical juicing creation. It would likely take less willpower to just eat healthy for the same period of time.

The other problem is the lack of fiber, and added sugar. The fiber from fruits and vegetables isn't in the actual juice, so you may be getting the vitamins and minerals from a juice cleanse, but not the needed fiber.

Most people on a juice cleanse will need to use a laxative, or enemas to stay regular. It's also common to experience headaches, weakness and light headedness due to the sodium deficiency the cleanse creates.

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What Is The 3 Week Diet Cleanse?

So if this isn't a juice cleanse what is it, right? It's more of a vitamin cleanse, and junk food detox that lasts the duration of phase one on the three week diet.

You will absolutely be eating solid food during this cleanse including fruit, vegetables, and a variety of protein sources. While chicken and other meat is available for you to choose from it should be prepared in a healthy manner. So, no fair bathing them in grease or fat juice and calling it "healthy".

While there are definitely benefits to a juice cleanse it's just not the most efficient behavior when it comes to fat loss.

Sugar Detox

If you were to sum up the purpose of phase one, and the cleanse, it would be fair to call it a sugar detox. The focus of the first seven days will be on eating as clean as possible, while getting into the recommended calorie range.

Sugar wrecks havoc on your hormones, metabolism and ability to burn through fat efficiently. Goal one is to get your sugar level under control and overall diet content headed in the direction necessary for rapid fat loss.

You're given a specific formula (easy math, I promise) to calculate the calorie progression for the next 21 days.

Each phase has a new calorie restriction goal to maximize fat loss and keep your metabolism happy and firing on all cylinders.

Try The 3 Week Diet Program

It's a 21 day, well structured, diet program giving you all the tips and short-cuts you're going to need to complete each of the diet phases.

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3 week diet reviews
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