How The 3 Week Diet Works

What triggers and sustains fat loss without hitting the dreaded weight loss plateau?

Those are the questions the 3 week diet answers in a compact 21 day structure.

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What To Expect

More than anything the 3 week diet plan is about structure and maximizing your inherent fat burning capabilities. Your body, and metabolism, are capable of burning through calories at an tremendous rate when compelled to do so.

The goal is to eat food, time your meals, and perform specific exercises that will get your metabolism firing on all cylinders for the next three weeks.

Because the time frame is only 21 days, you're going to streamline your diet and exercises to be the most efficient possible.

Target Calorie Range

Picking an arbitrary number of calories to slash, in the hopes of losing a couple pounds isn't an efficient process. Instead, you'll be given a formula to calculate the calorie range you absolutely need to be in right now.

After finding this starting point you'll begin making day to day, and week to week adjustments to your optimal daily calorie range to burn fat efficiently.

Diet Adjustments

While it's possible to lose weight by cutting total calories without making changes to the type of foods you're eating, it's not the most efficient path to fat loss.

You'll want to eat certain foods, at certain times, that have been scientifically proven to boost your metabolism and burn off fat.

Exercise Regimen

We're focused on efficiency to achieve our goals in a short amount of time, which means excessive cardio sessions are not included with the program. While they are beneficial activities, they aren't the best exercise for pure fat loss in a short period of time.

While running on a treadmill, or other prolonged cardio, does burn a lot of calories it doesn't boost the metabolism which is our goal. You'll be doing short exercise sessions (only 20-30 min) focused on mobilizing large muscle groups.

Why? Because it stimulates your metabolism, which burns extra calories all day long.

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